How Media Agencies Are Recruiting Grads – Now & Next Amongst teenagers in recent years there has been a noticeable trend for NOT going to university, primarily because of the costs involved and also because of the alternatives now available. The government has invested massively in promoting apprenticeships and offering heavily subsidised personal development courses through NCS. [] Graduates with maths / tech / economics / physics degrees are in massive demand and are wooed by more and more companies as data becomes increasingly integral to their business. Media agencies do not pay over the odds for grads and will lose out time and again to bigger businesses looking to get the cream of the crop. Grads who are attitudinally right for media agencies and have the drive and passion to get into one, will most likely achieve that irrespective of their degree. The problem for media agencies over (minimal) time, is that they will struggle to attract appropriate talent by insisting on highly specific academic qualifications rather than looking at the individuals, their attitude and their level of ability to deliver the job in hand. This dilemma is particularly acute in the performance arms of digital media such as PPC and Programmatic. Look around you now. How many excellent digital media agency people do NOT have a maths/tech/business degree? The upshot is that if media agencies insist in getting grads through the door with maths degrees, they are chasing the same pack as many employers who will pay a lot more. As a result they will be left with the stragglers. Do you really need a degree in maths to deliver a PPC campaign or work a DSP Interface…?

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With the last 5 years seeing the continued huge growth of social media, it is only natural that politics is often a hot topic trending. The presence of politicians on social media this election has been vast, but perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of it has been very comical.  

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Personally, I’m always skeptical when Apple brings a new product to the market. Take the iPad for example. I remember thinking to myself, who in their right mind would buy a fat iPod touch? And how wrong was I, with hundreds of millions sold to date! It may have not performed as well as the iPhone and iPod but it has by no means flopped. …So I was sort of right, right?

Reasons the Apple Watch will “tick”

  • Developers – Think how rubbish your iPhone would be without apps like Shazam, Snapchat, whatsapp, instagram and Sky Sports. Apple gifted developers with the iPhone platform and they are doing it again with the apple watch. If the Apple Watch is to be a phenomenon it will need all major developers on board.
  • Looks – Compared to other smart watches, the Apple watch is by far the sexiest. Also, it doesn’t have a ridiculous name like pebble.
  • Fan Boys – Some Apple fans don’t see Apple as a technology company or even a brand, but as a religion. This reason alone guarantees Apple some success in sales figures.

Reasons the Apple Watch might “tock”

  • More battery charging! – iPhones, iPads, Laptops. I don’t know about you but I’m fed up of the constant worry of my phone dying on me. Three devices is more than enough thanks.
  • It’s totally dependent on its mother – Without the iPhone the Apple Watch is useless. It has no Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity, which makes it useless 90% of the time - if your battery habits are anything like mine…
  • Looks – The Apple Watch may be handsome compared to its geeky technology rivals. But compared to traditional watches? I mean come on it’s got nothing on a gorgeous self-winding AP royal oak…
  • Who in their right mind would buy a dwarf ipod Touch!!! – Using the crown as a navigator is in my opinion artistry by Johnny Ive and the creative team at Apple, however, I’m sure many UX developers will not share my opinion. It’s too damned fiddly!
Audemars-Piguet-Royal-Oak-Jumbo-2012-2 Will it work? – No, not yet anyway….

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London has been hoofing down quality burgers for a few years now, and the success of dedicated boutique burger restaurants around the capital is testament to this. Some are excellent, others not so, and the fact that many top class steak restaurants now take serious pride in delivering a veritable burger master-class to their customers is further proof of our relentless hunger for quality patties. Here’s a run down of five firm favourites. Enjoy!  

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We should never underestimate the importance of social media, and when looking to progress your career it’s LinkedIn that many people turn to as a first port of call. If you are an employer looking to put substance to recommended names that have been suggested by peers, or if you are a recruiter looking to formulate a long-list of candidates, LinkedIn is an essential reference site. Most of the info you display in your profile is purely factual, functional historic information and it’s up to you how much you want to display. If you take this social platform seriously and want to get the most out of it, then you’re advised to display as much info as possible, get your profile fully complete and upload a profile picture.  

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